Looking back on my winding road

Every once in a while, its useful to think about your journey, to look back at the road you've been on...

In 1973 my husband, Roger, and I turned a new page in our lives. He retired from the U.S. Air Force after 31 years of service, and we moved to St. George, in the southwest corner of Utah. We had just moved back to the United States, after being stationed overseas.

So after decades of moving every few years, we finally had a permanent home where I could begin to seriously establish myself as a professional artist. Only later did I realize how lucky I was to begin that journey in Utah:

  • Utah had established art foundries since the early 60's. Before that time, the only foundries were in New York and Europe (some states still don't have an art foundry, Utah has 3 main ones and many small ones).

  • Utah has a long history of favoring the arts. Brigham Young began soon after landing in the Salt Lake Valley to send qualified artists and musicians to study in Europe so that there would be accomplished artists in the new state.

  • Utah was the first state to establish an official state arts council, which I have served on, being nominated twice by two different governors.

  • There is a huge abundance of excellent, nationally reknown, artists for inspiration and comeraderie.

  • Vern Swanson, director of the Springville Museum of Art, became a mentor and friend who influenced, encouraged and inspired me and helped me to mature as an artist.

My first bronze was a 20 x 15 statue of Jacob Hamblin, a remarkable Mormon pioneer and missionary, which was immediately purchased for the LDS Church Museum of Art. An auspicious beginning for a newcomer!

Then in 1993 my bronze statue of a little girl displayed in the Springville Museum of Art, caught the attention of Dirk Meyer, owner of the Meyer Gallery, in Santa Fe, NM. Dirk called and asked if he could represent my work in his Gallery. It was the opportunity that would launch me as a serious and dedicated artist, and opened many doors.

Meyer Gallery has remained my main base with more of my work on display there than any other Gallery. Through the years, we have enjoyed a close friendship with all their wonderful staff, and the list of clients who bought my work there numbers in the hundreds.


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